Sensei B Donnelly

Brendan Donnelly (6th Dan Shotokan Karate) began his Martial Arts career in 1979 training in traditional Karate and Kung-Fu. In 1982 he established the first “Full Contact”/ Kick-Boxing club in the Holy Family Boxing Club in Drogheda.

In 1982 Brendan began training with Sensei John Mc Grane at the Red Dragon Shotokan Karate Club in Dublin, Sensei Mc Grane having an open minded approach to Martial Arts, allowed Brendan to continue with his training and development of of the Kick-boxing club in Drogheda along with his traditional karate training.

Brendan , having being awarded his 1st Dan from Sensei John Mc Grane, established the Red Dragon Karate Club in Drogheda in 1984. The Club produced many champions in both full-contact and semi-contact competitions.

Brendan has taught Karate for almost 40 years, has trained trained students to World Championship level and is currently the President of the World Karate Council to Ireland.

Sensei Donnelly was awarded his 6th Dan by Sensei Mc Grane in 2013..