Gojushiho Dai

Gojūshiho is another kata practiced in Shotokan karate. Gojushiho was developed by one of the Okinawan karate master, “Sokon Matsumura” and named it as “Uesheishi” under the fluency of chinese Kungfu. In some styles of karate, there are two versions of this kata – Gojūshiho Shō and Gojūshiho Dai

In Competition (some Associations refer to this a Gojushiho Sho).

Note: The naming of the Gojushiho Kata differs between associations. Some call the longer Gojushiho Kata “Dai” and the shorter “Sho”. Myths emerged about the reason for this confusion. Some revolved around JKA Chief Instructor Ueki Masaaki. More

Comentary (Our club would refer to this as Gojushido Dai)